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6364P CrawfordWhitbread Shires / The Ark, 15 N3 p991988E/17.38
6365Ref - 8371Stephen CroadArchitectural records in the archive of the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 331989B/03.4
6367A CroslandCountryside Problems and Policies / Countryman, 81 N2 p201976E/16.5
6368Ref - 5651Claire CrossThe economic problems of the See of York : decline and recovery in the sixteenth century / The Agricultural History Review, 18 Supplement1970E/65.5
6369Ref - 192Donald A E CrossThe Salisbury Avon Navigation / Industrial Archaeology, 7 N2 p1211970E/30
6370N CroweBank statements / Traditional Homes, Apr p151991B/22
6371J M Crowley BloxhamChurch wafer : ovens / Local Historian, 7 N5 p1611967B/07.1
6372Ref - 1022Terence E CrowleyDiscovering clay pipes / Countryman, 80 N41975/6E/33.7
6374D CruikshankElegant surroundings Pt 1 / Traditional Homes, Nov p121985B/10.0
6375D CruikshankElegant surroundings Pt 2 / Traditional Homes, Jan p521986B/10.0
6376B CrumpThe Signal House, Foulness / Historic Buildings in Essex, N1 p171984B/27
6377L CrustA Victorian schoolmaster : an account of the headmastership of Sturton Board School / Local Historian, N26 p91990E/25.1
6378S CryerThe Town Hall, King's Lynn (Norfolk) / SPAB News, 4 N3 p461983B/25.1
6382P CunningtonArchitectural detail / Traditional Homes, Jan p541987B/03.2
6383J CurlThe Lakeland trackways / Countryman, 41 N2 p3071950E/15
6384Ref - 3488James Stevens CurlJohn Claudius Loudon & the Garden Cemetery Movement / Garden History, 11 No.21983B/26
6385Ref - 10444P L CurranThe genetics of Dexter cattle / The Ark, 13 N61986E/17.36
6386C K CurrieFishponds as garden features c.1550-1750 / Garden History, 18 N1 p221900E/17.5
6387Ref - 7885C K CurrieExcavation of an early eighteenth-century garden pond : the West Pond, Castle Bromwich Hall, West Midlands / Post-Medieval Archaeology, 241990B/08.9
6388C K Currie, M LocockAn evaluation of archaeological techniques used at Castle Bromwich Hall, 1989-90 / Garden History, 19 N1 p771991B/08.1
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