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3152821632Bill NealGardener's latin : a lexicon1992E/17.46Neal,
3152921633G Bedson ("Grandad")The notorious poacher : memoirs of an old poacher1985E/17.59Bedson
31530Ref - 9825J TaylorThe Rotherbridge Farm waterwheel and pump at the Springs / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 701992B/24.3
31531Ref - 9826Petworth SocietyRailway pudding and caviar / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 711993E/72.5
3153221634Roberta GilchristMedieval life : archaeology and the life course2012E/66Gilchr
3153321635British Goat SocietyGoat feedingE/17.33Goat
31534Ref - 7846K A VigarA Tillington childhood (5) / The Petworth Society Magazine, 911998E/56
31535Ref - 9829H M NewmanA Petworth Christmas in the early century / The Petworth Society Magazine, 741993E/56
31536Ref - 9829M PayneWorking in the still-room / The Petworth Society Magazine, 741993E/72.5
31537Ref - 9830R Chatterton-NewmanDiaries reveal a forgotten world / The Petworth Society Magazine, 751994E/56
31538Ref - 16699Stephen L HaleLighthouses and lightships of east Kent / Industrial Heritage, 4 : 41986B/28
31540Ref - 9832The Petworth SocietyThe 'Broom-Squire' of Hillgrove. I : a Garland character 1958 / The Petworth Society Magazine, 781994E/33.13
31541Ref - 16695Alfred H ShorterPaper-mills in Sussex / Industrial Past, 10 : 11983B/24.3
31542Ref - 9833Fred AylingBeeswax and turpentine / The Petworth Society Magazine, 791995E/56
31543Ref - 9834Ivy Richardson"Those That Are Never Seen!" / The Petworth Society Magazine, 801995E/56
31545Ref - 9835Harriet Best"I'd like a glass of water" / The Petworth Society Magazine, 811995E/56
31547Ref - 9835PhyllisOn the wrong stairs / The Petworth Society Magazine, 811995E/56
31548Ref - 16751D D GladwinContemplations upon a brick / Industrial Past, 3 : 11976B/05.3
31549Ref - 9836Esme SalterThe art of making oneself scarce! / The Petworth Society Magazine, 821995E/56
31550Ref - 16751Industrial PastArlington Mill . Bibury . Gloucestershire - the mill on the Coln / Industrial Past, 3 : 11976B/24.3
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