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3128221453F W B Charles and Christopher DyerGreat monastic barns1997B/23.2Charle
3128421455edited by Thea VigneOral history : family history issue1975E/66.0Oral H
3128621456edited by Paul ThompsonOral history1975E/66.0Oral H
31289Ref - 20919Vernacular Architecture GroupResearch into galleting / Vernacular Architecture Group Newsletter, January : 622012B/05
31290Ref - 20919John Dean & Nick HillBurn marks research project: key findings / Vernacular Architecture Group Newsletter, January : 622012B/06.9
31296Ref - 21458Duncan JamesSaw marks in vernacular buildings and their wider significance / Vernacular Architecture, 432012B/05.0
31297Ref - 21458Nat Alcock and Dan MilesAn early fifteenth-century Warwickshire cruck house using joggled halvings / Vernacular Architecture, 432012B/05.2
31298Ref - 21458Sarah PearsonThe provision of services in medieval houses in Kent / Vernacular Architecture, 432012B/07.0
31299Ref - 21458Bob MeesonStructural trends in English medieval buildings : new insights from dendrochronology / Vernacular Architecture, 432012B/03.31
31302Ref - 21460Jonathon GreenhoughRepairing clay-tiled and slated roofs / Historic Churches, Nineteenth annual edition2012B/10.3
31303Ref - 21460Claire DaviesMatching mortars for pointing / Historic Churches, Nineteenth annual edition2012B/05.7
31304Ref - 21460Heather VilesSalt crystallisation in masonry / Historic Churches, Nineteenth annual edition2012B/05.3
31305Ref - 21460David ButcherBack from the brink : Leighterton's belfry / Historic Churches, Nineteenth annual edition2012B/10
31310Ref - 21463Jonathan Shanks and Peter WalkerTension testing of green oak connections / The Mortice and Tenon, December : 162003
31311Ref - 21462Gillian BeecherShepherds' huts / Historic Farm Buildings Group Review, Summer : 82008E/17.33
31312Ref - 21462Bill FergieAn agricultural storage building, Silchester, Hampshire / Historic Farm Buildings Group Review, Summer : 82008
31313Ref - 21463Joe ThompsonSloppy carpentry 2 / The Mortice and Tenon, December : 142002
31314Ref - 21463Jim BlackburnSustainable timber / The Mortice and Tenon, December : 142002
31320Ref - 21467R B TranterAgricultural adjustment on the Berkshire Downs during the recession of 1921-38 / The Agricultural History Review, 60 : Part II2012E/17.1
31321Ref - 21467Jonathan HealeyThe political culture of the English commons c.1550-1650 / The Agricultural History Review, 60 : PartII2012E/17.1
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