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27884Ref - 18867Margaret Griffiths et alAccessions of records in Surrey History Centre in 2007 / Surrey History, VII No.52008E/64
27887Ref - 18865David HothMuseum emergency Ppreparedness / ALHFAM, XXXVIII : 32008M/03
27888Ref - 18865Barbara CorsonDisaster prevention : planning a livestock event for maximum safety / ALHFAM, XXXVIII : 32008M/03
27889Ref - 18877R I Smith"The Chichester Elm" (Ulmus vegeta Lindl) / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1342008E/18
27890Ref - 18876Australian cricketers at Lavington Park 1895 / The Petworthy Society Magazine, 1332008E/72.4
27891Ref - 18876Inn-signs and a blue hospital coat / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1332008E/72.3
27892Ref - 18894Edward RobertsW.G. Hoskins' "Great Rebuilding" and dendrochronology in Hampshire / VAG, 382007B/01.32
27893Ref - 18894Richard SuggettAnalysis and interpretation. The Unit System revisited : dual domestic planning and the developmental cycle of the family / VAG, 382007E/72
27894Ref - 18894Laurie SmithA three-dimensional, timber-framed encyclopaedia of geometrical carpentry design / VAG, 382007B/05.2
27895Ref - 18894Mike Dunn et alNo. 173 High Street, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire : an analysis of a 13th century urban timber-framed building / VAG, 382007B/05.2
27896Ref - 18894John McCannClay-walled houses in Norfolk: Some comments / VAG, 382007B/04.5
27897Ref - 18894Alex BaylissDating : theory and practice / VAG, 382007B/03.3
27898Ref - 18894Alex Bayliss'Rev. Thomas Bayes : Get Ready to Wiggle' : Bayesian modelling, radiocarbon wiggle-matching, and the North Wing of Baguley Hall / VAG, 382007B/03.3
27899Ref - 18887Paul HoldenThe building craftsmen of William of Wykeham and the 'patronage society' / Hampshire Studies, 632008B/02.3
27900Ref - 18887Helen Moore et alPrehistoric and Saxon features and medieval land allotment at Lower Farm, Pennington, Hampshire / Hampshire Studies, 632008E/17.1
27901Ref - 18887Roger OttewillDemocracy impaired? A review of County Council elections in Hampshire between 1889 and 1974 / Hampshire Studies, 632008E/65.7
27902Ref - 18879Jeanette Hicks and Judy EnglishAnalytical survey of land surrounding Newark Priory, Ripley / SAS, 4102008E/19.0
27903Ref - 18878Phil JonesEight new Roman sites on the flank of the North Downs / SAS, 4112008E/61.6
27904Ref - 18892edited by Edward RobertsHistoric buildings : The builder of West Court, Binsted; An early barn and house at West Court; Dendrochronology of Hampshire buildings - Part 1 / Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society, Autumn : 502008B/03.2
27905Ref - 18892George CampbellLandscape : location - and the Hampshire medieval market / Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society, Autumn : 502008E/72.2
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