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25299Ref - 5707Eileen MarcilThe tools of the Quebec cooper, 1684-1752 / TATHS Journal, 11983E/33.21
25300Ref - 5707Philip WalkerAn English metal plane, dated 1739, in the Alan Bates Collection / TATHS Journal, 11983E/33.22
25301Ref - 5708John ClarkRichard Crips the wheeler : a medieval craftsman and his tools / TATHS Journal, 21984E/33.2
25302Ref - 5708Gunther HeineAn historically important woodwork joint : the method of making it in Germany, and some specialised tools / TATHS Journal, 21984E/33.27
25303Ref - 5708Gerald GardinerAn English dovetail plane / TATHS Journal, 21984E/33.27
25304Ref - 5710Michael FieldDyke fieing in East Anglia / TATHS Journal, 41987E/16.0
25305Ref - 5710Edwin F HolmesSewing thimbles / TATHS Journal, 41987E/33.59
25306Ref - 5710Alex WernerAn 18th century London japanning garret / TATHS Journal, 41987B/07.8
25307Ref - 6826John ClarkSome medieval smiths' marks / TATHS Journal, 51988E/33.32
25308Ref - 6826R C C TaborThe craft of riving wood / TATHS Journal, 51988E/33.1
25309Ref - 6826Gunther HeineMan and his tools : customs, beliefs and practices / TATHS Journal, 51988E/33.28
25310Ref - 6826Antoine CapetLa Varlope Classique : the traditional French tryplane / TATHS Journal, 51988E/33.27
25311Ref - 5709R C TaborGate-hurdle making / TATHS Journal, 31985E/33.11
25313Ref - 7647Richard KnightA carpenter's rule from the Mary Rose / TATHS Journal, 61990E/33.27
25314Ref - 10075Brian StrongThe accounts of a Sussex village blacksmith - 1859-1881 / TATHS Journal, 91996E/33.32
2531715739Muriel E Johnson (illustrations by Carolyn Zeuner)The Saxon warp-weighted loomE/33.51Johnso
2531915746Robin WoodThe wooden bowl2005E/33.21Wood,
2532015747Guenther Binding (translated by Alex Cameron)Medieval building techniques2004B/03.2Bindin
2532115748Yvette VernerThe English meadow : a portait of country Life2005E/07Verner
2532215749C J Binding and L J Wilson (appendix by T Easton)Ritual protection marks in Goatchurch Cavern, Burrington Combe, North Somerset / Proceedings of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society, 23 (2)2004E/71.6Bindin
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