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5994Ref - 803Alan R H BakerLocal history in early estate maps / Amateur Historian, 5 N31962E/14
5995Ref - 9483Alan R H BakerField systems in the Vale of Holmesdale / The Agricultural History Review, XIV Part I1966E/17.3
5998Ref - 5719ny C M A Baker and C ManwellThe Breton breed of cattle in Britain : extinction versus fitness / The Agricultural History Review, 35 Part II1987E/17.32
5999Ref - 9492Dennis BakerThe marketing of corn in the first half of the eighteenth century : North-East Kent / The Agricultural History Review, 18 Part II1970E/66.0
6000E BakerThe whetstone / TATHS Newsletter, N5 p161984E/33.27
6001S BakerA sheltered existence / Traditional Homes, Mar p941987E/17.4
6003Ref - 804J N BannisterA history in stone, metal and glass : a voyage of discovery in a parish church / Amateur Historian, 5 N41962B/26
6012F BatemanResearch developments in American agricultural history since 1960 : the northern econ / The Agricultural History Review, 31 p1321983E/17.0
6013Ref - 9410Mavis BateyThe conservation and restoration of historic gardens / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 281984B/08.1
6016J BatleyConservation and the local historian / Local Historian, 11 N7 p4001975E/16.6
6018J BattyeEl Toro in Scotland / The Ark, 6 N2 p521979E/17.38
6021Ref - 11456R BaxterTudor Cottage, Lynsted. Part 2 / Period Home, 6 N41985B/22
6023Ref - 6484Sylvia BeamonSnow in summer : 1988B/08.8
6024K W BeanPlate rails at Godstone / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p1841970E/30
6025Ref - 15593Geoffrey BeardThe plasterer's art / Traditional Homes, March : 2 : 61986B/07.3
6026Ref - 13888Alan BeardmoreBevel-uppermost planes and the "low angle" mythology / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 131986E/33.27
6027Ref - 9483T W BeastallA South Yorkshire estate in the late nineteenth century / The Agricultural History Review, XIV Part I1966E/19.3
6030Ref - 5656F BeavingtonThe development of market gardening in Bedfordshire 1799-1939 / The Agricultural History Review, 23 Part I1975E/17.4
6032Ref - 5664J V BeckettThe decline of the small landowner in eighteenth-and nineteenth-century England : some regional considerations / The Agricultural History Review, 30 part II1982E/17.1
6035Ref - 9510J V BeckettThe peasant in England : terminological confusion? / The Agricultural History Review, 32 Part II1984E/71.7
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