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5883Aladdin's cave of architectural treasure / Refurbishment Projects, 3 N16 p301989B/10.7
5884Linked with the landscape / Traditional Homes, Feb p1071990B/21.0
5885Ref - 7956Old-House JournalModel renovation : how a model worker's cottage of the 1860s was repaired, renovated and brought up to modern standards / Old-House Journal, April/May1991B/10
5886A.S. Ireson (obituary) / Ancient Monuments Society Newsletter, Autumn1991E/62.0
5887Ref - 7992Old-House JournalBricks and mortar / Old-House Journal, 3 : August/September1991B/05.3
5888Ref - 8038Old-House JournalReversing neglect / Old-House Journal, 4 : October1991B/23.2
5890Ref - 8038Old-House JournalUnder cover : the story of Britain's roofs / Old-House Journal, 4 : October1991B/05.7
5896Ref - 2368Ian AbbottConserving the Garden of England / Period Home, 3 N1 p181982B/10
5897Ref - 927Anthony AdamsEast Anglian pargeting / Countryman, LVI : 11959B/07.3
5899Ref - 11450T J AdamsGeorgian fanlights / Period Home, 5 N91984B/06.3
5900Ref - 11459T J AdamsUp the wooden hill : how the framed timber staircase developed in cottage and farmhouse / Period Home, 6 N71985B/06.5
5901P B AdamsonThe selective breeding of sheep in antiquity / The Ark, 16 N12 p4271989E/17.33
5902Ref - 4551P V Addyman and D LeighThe Anglo Saxon village at Chalton Hampshire : second interim report / Medieval Archaeology, XVII1973E/61.7
5903Ref - 905Robert AickmanOur inland waterways / Countryman, XLIX : 11954E/35.2
5910N W AlcockCruck buildings : the peasants' palaces / Period Home, 5 N3 p701984B/05.2
5915Ref - 4551N W Alcock and Michael LaithwaiteMedieval houses in Devon and their modernization / Medieval Archaeology, XVII1973B/22
5918G L D AldersonA breeding policy for Dexter cattle / The Ark, 5 N8 p2681978E/17.36
5919G L H AldersonValue in ancestral traits / The Ark, 8 N5 p1611981E/17.32
5920L AldersonThe conservation of animal genetic resources in Great Britain / The Ark, 13 N5 p1641986E/17.36
5921L AldersonA policy for the conservation of domestic animal genetic resources / The Ark, 18 N4 p1241991E/17.36
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