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36886Ref - 24167Tim HowsonWater Hall, Little Baddow / Essex Historic Buildings Group News, November : 82016B/22
3688724168Victor Chinnery et al'Names for Things' : a description of household stuff, furniture and interiors 1500-17002016E/72Chinne
36888Ref - 15396J B SmithLying for the whetstone : a saying and its links with folk life and tradition / Folk Life, 422003/2004E/71.6
36889Ref - 15396John H EdwardsTextile dyeing through the ages / Folk Life, 422003/2004E/33.51
36890Ref - 15396Shane LehaneSlean turf in North Cork / Folk Life, 422003 / 2004E/33.19
36891Ref - 15396Bob PowellThe Fenland 'osskeeper / Folk Life, 422003 / 2004E/17.38
36892Ref - 15396Fionnuala Carson WilliamsA fire of stones curse rekindled / Folk Life, 422003 / 2004E/71.6
36893Ref - 15738Brian Lambkin and Jennifer MeeganThe fabric of memory, identity and diaspora : an Irish needlework sampler in Australia with United States and Canadian connections / Folk Life, 432005E/72.0
36894Ref - 15738Heather HolmesConstructing identities of the Irish migratory potato workers in Scotland / Folk Life, 432005E/17.1
36895Ref - 15738Christine StevensWelsh costume : the survival of tradition or national icon? / Folk Life, 432005E/74
36896Ref - 15738Brian Crowley"His father's son" : James and Patrick Pearse / Folk Life, 432005E/51
36897Ref - 15738J B SmithGoats with cattle and hands from graves : towards a fresh look at our insular superstitions / Folk Life, 432005E/71.6
36898Ref - 15738J B SmithWhen is a shoe not a shoe? / Folk Life, 432005E/71.7
36899Ref - 16259John B SmithMaking sweet hay : a West Country custom in its wider context / Folk Life, 442005/2006E/17.37
36900Ref - 16259Natalino FenechLark mirrors : from tools to folk art / Folk Life, 442005/2006E/72
36901Ref - 16259Tina NegusDaniel in the den of lions: early medieval carvings and their origins / Folk Life, 442005/2006E/65.4
36902Ref - 16259Heather HolmesScottish agricultural writers and the creation of their personal identities 1697-1790 / Folk Life, 442005/2006E/82
36903Ref - 16259Margaret HumphreysThe dance event in ethnographic persepective / Folk Life, 442005/2006E/71.5
36904Ref - 16259Brian LoughbroughMore about water: Papplewick pumping station, 1884 / Folk Life, 442005/2006E/32.2
36905Ref - 20309Bjarne RoganFolk art and politics in inter-war Europe: an early debate on applied ethnology / Folk Life, 452006/7E/76
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