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35541Ref - 3015Martyn C BrownMud horse fishing in Bridgewater Bay / Folk Life, 181980E/72.0
35542Ref - 3015H B SharpCollyweston stone slating techniques / Folk Life, 181980B/04.4
35543Ref - 3015Peter HarropMumming in Bampton / Folk Life, 181980E/71.3
35544Ref - 3015Linda M C BabbBark peeling and tanning in the Forest of Wyre / Folk Life, 181980E/33.61
35546Ref - 918Eric KenningtonFaith and works / Countryman, LIV : 21957B/06.8
35547Ref - 918E A BownessLakeland farmer / Countryman, LIV : 21957E/17.7
35548Ref - 918Michael RyderCuring a skin / Countryman, LIV : 21957E/33.6
35550Ref - 919C Henry WarrenThomas Hennell / Countryman, LIV : 31957E/51
35551Ref - 919Margaret HutchinsonThe changing Downs / Countryman, LIV : 31957E/15
35552Ref - 919Clifford BorrerOld Roro / Countryman, LIV : 31957E/72
35553Ref - 919B E CracknellThe Medway muddings / Countryman, LIV : 31957B/04.5
35555Ref - 23740Ian BaxterWhat is heritage? / Building Conservation Directory2014B/01.0
35556Ref - 23740Amy WilliamsonHistoric timber staircases : management, conservation and repair / Building Conservation Directory2014B/06.5
35557Ref - 23740Michael DaviesShades of grey / Building Conservation Directory2014B/09
35558Ref - 23740Maureen YoungThermal imaging in the investigation of solid masonry structures / Building Conservation Directory2014B/04.4
35559Ref - 23740Peter MessengerRepairing clay buildings and Cumbria's clay dabbins / Building Conservation Directory2014B/04.5
35560Ref - 23740Peter WilsonTimber for repairs / Building Conservation Directory2014B/04.2
35561Ref - 23740Brian HallThe south oculus, Canterbury cathedral / Building Conservation Directory2014B/26
35562Ref - 23740Sebastian West and Eric HeathTrees and the historic environment / Building Conservation Directory2014B/08.0
35563Ref - 23740Roz ArtisAdmixtures and additives for lime mortars / Building Conservation Directory2014B/04.6
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