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35330Ref - 775Kate MasonYorkshire cheese-making / Folk Life, 61968E/72.5
35331Ref - 775A T LucasCloth finishing in Ireland / Folk Life, 61968E/33.50
35332Ref - 775Alan GaileyStraw costume in Irish folk customs / Folk Life, 61968E/71.0
35333Ref - 775Alexander FentonAlternating stone and turf - an obsolete building practice / Folk Life, 61968B/05.4
35334Ref - 775Caoimhin O DanachairAnimal droppings as fuel / Folk Life, 61968E/17.30
35335Ref - 776George Ewart EvansAspects of oral tradition / Folk Life, 71969E/71.6
35336Ref - 776D Roy SaerThe Christmas carol-singing tradition in the Tanad Valley / Folk Life, 71969E/71.2
35337Ref - 776Enid PorterFen skating / Folk Life, 71969E/72.4
35338Ref - 776Glyn Penrhyn JonesFolk medicine in eighteenth- century Wales / Folk Life, 71969E/73
35339Ref - 776E Estyn EvansA Cardiganshire mud-walled farmhouse / Folk Life, 71969B/23.1
35341Ref - 15345Muriel Carrick et alThe wall paintings at 5 Friars Street, Sudbury / Historic Buildings of Suffolk1998B/07.4
35342Ref - 15345Cecil A HewettSeven pieces of carpentry in Suffolk / Historic Buildings of Suffolk1998B/05.2
35343Ref - 15345Leigh AlstonThe old grammar school : the finest merchant's house in Lavenham / Historic buildings of Suffolk1998B/25.3
35344Ref - 15345Leigh AlstonA unque structure? The dovecote at Badley Hall / Historic Buildings of Suffolk1998B/23.4
35345Ref - 15345Leigh AlstonHoles in the roof : the hip bonnet or gablet roof in Suffolk / Historic Buildings of Suffolk1998B/05.61
35346Ref - 15345Gillian HarveyThe domestic screens of north east Suffolk / Historic buildings of Suffolk1998B/07.6
3534719690F G Aldsworth and R HarrisA medieval and seventeenth-century house at Walderton, West Sussex, dismantled and re-erected at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1201982B/22Sussex
35348Ref - 12005Rod WildMembers' day in Charlwood / DBRG News, 84 : 12000B/22
35349Ref - 1889G D JohnstonThe mystery of Ford / Sussex Notes & Queries, 11 : 21946E/35.1
35350Ref - 1889Lindsay FlemingPigs in Domesday Book / Sussex Notes & Queries, 11 : 21946E/17.34
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